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Organic olive oil, the best extra virgin

Anyone looking for a organic olive oil Italian extra virgin can count on truly generous excellence, thanks to the extraordinary variety of cultivars, traditions and terroirs that characterize Made in Italy productions. In this range of taste, a leading role is played by bio, an agricultural technique that exploits peasant wisdom and rejects the intrusion of chemistry in the entire process that leads from the tree to the bottle.

An olive oil defined as organic is such even if each olive used to extract it is harvested manually. A lesser known distinction is that between extra virgin and virgin olive oil. In both cases, the extraction takes place by mechanical and physical means, without ever resorting to solvents. In the extra virgin the degree of acidity must not exceed 0,8%, while in the virgin ones, with slightly lower organoleptic qualities, a level of up to 2% is allowed.

When you are confronted with products certified and guaranteed as excellent, observing variations means witnessing the many variations that a product grown and squeezed in Italy is capable of. Color, smell and taste also vary a lot depending on the area of ​​origin. A further advantage of an extra virgin olive oil from the Belpaese.

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