World food day 2016

World food day 2016

World food day 2016 , FAO relaunches

World Food Day, 16 October 2016. The annual FAO (UN Organization for food and agriculture) meeting will this year be under the “The climate is changing. So are food and agriculture” theme banner.

The world day intends to relaunch confronting measures useful to mitigate climate change impact on food safety – understood as food access for all. Temperature rise and climate disasters actually hit poorer nations more, making difficulties worse.

In view of the constant increase in global population – estimated at 9.6 billion individuals in 2050 – FAO reasserts the need to decide on the way for sustainability in basic food products – agricultural, breeding and fishing resources – and consumption, reducing waste along the whole chain, up to dwelling.

World Food Day commemorates the setting up of FAO, which was on 16 October 1945, in Canada, to liberate humanity from hunger and malnutrition.

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