Vegetable Proteins

Vegetable Proteins

Long-life Vegetable Proteins

Vegetable proteins help live longer. A study published 1 August 2016 on Jama Internal Medicine compared the effects on longevity by a diet based on vegetable proteins – in primis pulses – and one rich in animal proteins, eggs, dairy produce and especially red meat, even if transformed.

 Massachusetts General Hospital US researchers examined the fates of over 131 thousand people (64.7% women) aged on average 49, monitored since 1980. Comparing their nutrition they observed individuals used to consuming many animal proteins are subject to precocious death, linked to heart disease, especially in the presence of risks like smoking, scarse physical exercise and excess weight, while those privileging vegetable-fuelled habits live longer and are slimmer.

The research does not state vegetable proteins are protective, animal ones harmful: their levels may simply signal something else. It is though clear that their nature affects survival procedures. This certainty implies scientists should raise vegetable-origin protein consumption and limit animal proteins, favoring fish and chicken.

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