The Threat of Alcohol Abuse

The good culture of drinking, that is with meals and in moderation, could be the antidote for binge drinking, the excessive and compulsive consumption of liquor that is so dangerous to the future of coming generations. Health administrations across northern Europe and the United States, where alcoholism is more prevalent, are working on measures to contain the phenomenon.

Among efforts, new rules introduced this November by authorities in the British city of Newcastle are aimed at businesses that serve alcohol. In theory, higher costs for licenses to sell the stuff, and limits on exposition areas for bottles will curb use. But will this be enough?

Classified as a symptom of serious social problems, binge drinking is the search for intoxication through the consumption of a large quantity of alcohol over a short period of time far away from meals. It is commonplace on a typical Saturday night for a growing number of youths and young adults, who maybe with a better understanding of Italian drinking patterns, in moderate quantities with food, will enrich their palates and safeguard their health.