Table health

Table health

Table health, Italian speciality

Good health is cultivated at the table. This is clear to Italians, traditionally used to a health routine in line with the Mediterranean diet. Compared to the rest of Europe, they choose more carefully which food to buy on the basis of the healthiness associated to their consumption.

Organic and “free from” (no fats, additives, as well as no gluten, lactose etc) food fans, Italian consumers pursue health setting the table with best food products. According to the 2016 Coop report, over 30% want food suited to healthy life, 28% make sure the food is ethically sustainable and ecological and 23% favor products with natural ingredients. Over half say they read the nutrition label before choosing what to buy: 55% do, as against 48% of Germans, English and Spanish and 43 of the French.

A habit that ties in with data spread by Eurostat, according to which Italy has Europe’s slimmest citizens. 16.9 million of them follow specific food regimes and one in two does so daily. Health starts at table.

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