Sugar causes diabetes

Sugar causes diabetes

Sugar causes diabetes. Here’s why

Does sugar cause diabetes? Not really, or at least not directly. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the pathology producing excess sugar in the blood, does not depend on a direct link to the usual quantity of sugar consumed; but it is the fruit of being overweight and obesity, conditions generated in turn by excessive consumption of food that is too rich in sugar and fat (junk food) and a sedentary life style, which impedes consuming calories taken on with food.

There are essentially two indications to prevent diabetes: having regular physical activity (just 30 minutes’ brisk walking) and balanced eating, like the Mediterranean diet. Overall, just reduce food with excessive amounts of sugar, saturated fat and salt to the minimum. Concentrate on fruit and vegetables, cereals and pulses, and alternate protein sources from animals: fish, eggs, cheese and various meat.

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