Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition, Beyond Eating

Sports nutrition is tailored to satisfy fundamental healthy eating guidelines so the body receives energy and micronutrients to ensure top execution. By impacting on the diets of professional and amateur athletes, or anyone, sports nutrition supplements improve the biological functions of food intake for the organism.

Sports nutrition covers a wide range, including natural and organic foods, supplements, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and herbs that come in any number of combinations, consumed regularly or during exertion. Ingredients like grape seed extract and maqui, creatine and glutamine, to name a few surprising substances, are shown to increase athletic performance and quality of life if taken as part of healthy eating guidelines.

Observation, research and innovation have led to a new generation of supplements for each kind of physical activity: endurance, strength, even the hurdles of a typical workday. These products are targeted to an increasingly broad base of consumers from the athlete and body-builder, to the diet enthusiast and people with special dietary needs.  Whether you’re training for your first marathon, preparing for Olympic boxing trials, or want to live better, there is every reason to explore these amazing items.

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