Some Alcohol Can Be Healthy

Moderate alcohol consumption, above all varieties such as wine, can have a positive impact on health according to a report entitled The Case for the Mediterranean Diet. The document was presented by Robert Estruch, associate professor at the University of Barcelona Medical School, during the second conference on the agenda Wine in Moderation held in Brussels on November 27, 2013.

In the session In Vino Sanitas – Myth or Scientific Fact?, the academic reminded that recent evidence confirms how moderate alcohol consumption can boost protection mechanisms against coronary disease. This is particularly true of wine, and other foods that contain polyphenols, integrated into a balanced diet. The beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet are even greater with the use of extra virgin olive oil, together with reduced salt consumption.

The European wine industry started the campaign in 2011 to promote responsible consumption, with activities aimed at increasing knowledge and spreading an approach to drinking well and curbing excess.