Solo Round the Globe Record

Solo Round the Globe Record

Solo Round the Globe Record, Sardinian galley ocean excellence

Solo Round the Globe Record, solitary round the globe by boat, brings a galley supplied with agricultural Sardinian excellence to the oceans for the first time. Gaetano Mura, Sardinian ocean racer, starts his adventure in October 2016 from Cagliari to beat China’s Guo Chuan, who completed the task in 137 days in 2013.

The Italian sailor’s challenged is enhanced by the selection of several Sardinuian food delicacies, including 40 what with DOP e IGP, 189 traditional agriculture products (PAT) and several Slow Food delicacies. The Solo Round the Globe Record galley took on many foods, including those suited for long term transport and conservation, in the absence of a fridge, as they were conceived in a farming socieety where for example carasau bread needed months to mature for the shepherd, during migratory herding.

As well as the nutrition kit based on freeze dry food and supplements, the Solo Round the Globe Record galley contains known Sardinian delicacies like toasted bread, pasta, pulses, tuna which like other typical food such as Sardinia’s DOP oil or DOP Sardinian cheese tell of a diet that made the isle one of the planet’s blue zones, characterized by greater longevity.

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