Sirtfood diet

Sirtfood diet

Sirtfood diet, health food boom

Sirtfood Diet is the name attribuited to a food regime rich in a wide variety of vegetable origin health food. So-called sirtfood is characterized by high polyphenol content and considered useful in producing some proteins (sirtuins), indicated as able to encourage muscle mass maintenance.

Sirtfood diet promotion, very dynamic, particularly by social network word of mouth, made some food sales soar, having now entered the food habits of Italians including those foreign to the Mediterranean tradition. For example, according to the Coop 2016 report, in just one year the modern retail channel turnover for plants traditionally consumed in the East rose surprisingly. In the case of ginger and turmeric it grew by 141% and 93% respectively. Exceptional growth was also recorded in typical Mediterranean diet food demand: demand for black grape grew by 88%, celery and oleaginous seed by 35%, rocket salad by over 192%.


Big Retail Channel and VAR Business  (% against last year, ordered by var %)

Value million Euro                                            VAR %

Rocket                                                                   6,613.1                                                      192.3

Ginger                                                                   6,597.0                                                      140.9

Turmeric                                                               3281.1                                                          93.5

Quinoa                                                                  10,630.6                                                       91.9

Black grape                                                           859.6                                                           88.7

Seed                                                                      21,371.0                                                       34.5

Celery                                                                    8,145.7                                                        34.4

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