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Sardinia's Moveable Feast

A traditional Mediterranean diet is the secret of the centenarians inhabiting the island of Sardinia. This is what has come out of the “A kent'annos” (to 100 yrs) project, which has been studying the phenomenal relationship between food and longevity over the last decade and a half. The results presented at the region's Sardegna Store in Milan, highlighted the healthy characteristics of the island's traditional foods, which combined with its genetic pool and microclimate make it home to the highest number of those over one hundred, 22 for every 100,000 inhabitants, double the global average.
Among local products exported throughout the world, the wine seems to have a higher level of antioxidants; the same goes for the fruit, with flavonoid and polyphenol levels three times that of their large-scale distribution counterparts. Even their cheese is better for you. According to continuing studies they contain pH resistant micro-organisms with elevated probiotic qualities. Details on the table habits of Sardinia's ultra-elderly fill in the rest of the picture. 93% of males drink twice as much wine as the median Italian, and the men and women frequently consume, dairy, pasta and vegetables. All rigorously Made in Sardinia, however.

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