rio 2016 italian pasta

rio 2016 italian pasta

Rio 2016, Italian pasta nourishes the Olympics

Rio 2016, make way for pasta. At the Brazilian date for the 2016 Olympics the Italian Olympic team brings the Mediterranean diet’s most famous sample: extravirgin olive oil, Parmesan from Reggio Emilia, and Italian pasta itself, rigorously made with hard grain.

At Rio 2016, as in any sport contest, the role of carbohydrates and the Mediterranean diet is central. No matter if it’s fusilli, spaghetti or penne, pasta is the perfect “fuel”: slow to absorb and easy to digest. Useful, gratifying pasta, which has over the last 40 years definitively replaced steak, previously considered the most suited food for sportsmen.

Amid Italian athletes at Rio 2016, abundant portions, at noon or dinner, for swimmers Federica Pellegrini (preferring wholemeal pasta), Filippo Magnini and Gregorio Paltrinieri – while a light lunch is fine by gymnast Carlotta Ferlito and fencing champions Rossella Fiamingo and Arianna Errigo in view of the training, and diver Tania Cagnotto eats it before the contest.

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