Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Healthy Eating Guidelines

Nutrition facts are the basis by which we can all follow healthy eating guidelines. This essential objective for health and wellbeing rests on understanding nutrition and teaches us to recognize the intrinsic qualities in food. If correctly balanced, this supplies the body with exactly what it needs to function best.

Clear nutrition facts show the contribution each single element makes to the nutritional profile of the item. For packaged products, the food industry almost always offers these on the label. In Europe, for example, there is a minimum of 7 characteristics: Energy (indicated in kcals or kJ), total and saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars and salt. Sometimes fiber is also added.

Keeping in mind the nutrition facts of fresh food, however, is a question of memory. Help is often available from external sources like the Italian Food and Nutrition Research Institute (Inran). Of the 790 profiles published, 70% are fruit of experiments and 30% the result of pre-existing scientific literature. Many government bodies around the world provide the same details for consumers in their own home markets.

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