Nutraceutical, functional food effects

Nutraceutical is a term derived from the merger between nutrition and pharmaceuticals and aids the discipline that studies the beneficial effects of food on health. Healthy nutrition and the beneficial properties of functional foods were the main themes of Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet”; during the six month event it was repeatedly stressed how a conscientious diet can help prevent disease and / or reduce the use of prescription drugs. Several innovative projects were presented during the event, and the Italian pavilion stood out on the issue of nutraceuticals.

A nutraceutical is a food, or a part of, with proven health benefits and protective effects on both a physical and psychological health of an individual. Nutraceutical functions are known dietary supplements, which by definition are concentrated sources in pre-measured amounts of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, elements with a nutritional or physiological effect, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber and various plant and herbal extracts).

These so called functional foods, in addition to their nutritional value, contain substances that positively interact with one or more physiological functions of the body.

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