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Mediterranean diet better than statins: new research

Mediterranean diet better than statins. According to research presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s annual congress, the Mediterranean diet is better than statins for heart disease survival. If you nourish yourself on a lot of vegetables, fish, fruit, dried fruit and monounsaturated acid fats (olive oil) – typical food for the diet chosen by UNESCO for humanity Heritage – you reduce premature death risk by up to 37%, against the 18% measured in previous studies on ill people taking on statins, pharmaceuticals to control hypercholesterolemia.

Though the two parameters cannot be directly compared, being the result of different studies, the Italian study – held on 1,200 individuals monitored for 7 years – highlights that following a healthy food regime, like the Mediterranean diet, is key to prevent heart disease.

The research emerges from the epidemiological “Moli-Sani” research by IRCCS (Mediterranean Neurology Neuromed institute of Pozzilli (Isernia)), in Molise, led by Giovanni de Gaetano, observing over 25,000 people from Molise.

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