Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Fertility

Mediterranean Diet Fertility

Mediterranean Diet, Fertility in Recipes

The influence of Mediterranean diet fertility is noteworthy. It boils down to careful nutrition, a dietary regime that is balanced and delicious, never boring or repetitive. How could it be with the variety of foods at the base of the Mediterranean diet?

It is enough to examine the principles outlined in the book ‘La Nuova Dieta Mediterranea’ (published by Gribaudo, 159 pages, 15.90 euros), with 40 traditional recipes revisited, by Stefania Ruggeri, biologist and nutritionist from CRA-NUT, the Italian nutrition research institute, and Gabriele Rubini, also known as Chef Rubio.

In addition to highlighting scientific evidence on the risks of bad nutrition, the authors propose classic Med-diet fertility dishes with a contemporary flare, focusing on three primary points: less salt; low, good fat content; only whole grain bread and pasta.

Guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) for healthy eating are transformed into practical instructions to prepare recipes suited for various necessities. According to diverse nutrition plans for reduced, normal or increased calorie needs, all under the aegis of flavor and wellbeing. Keeping an eye on fertility is key.

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