Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Diabetes

Mediterranean Diet Diabetes

Mediterranean Diet, Diabetes Reduced by Nutrition

Another secret to the Mediterranean dietdiabetes (type 2) can be kept at bay. Based on sound nutrition practices with a low glycemic index, it reduces the probability of developing this disease. The results come from a recent study carried out in Europe on a wide segment of the population published in Diabetologia Journal. Yet more reason to adhere to this dietary regime, in order to rake in its benefits.

To examine the relationship between the incidence of diabetes mellitus and eating habits, researchers analyzed data on over 22 thousand individuals who were followed for 11 years as part of the European Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).

The outcome highlights how in subjects that habitually follow Mediterranean dieting, the contingency of becoming diabetic drops by 12%. Risk itself decreases by 20% with a preference for pasta, whole grains, legumes and fresh produce, while reducing high GI carbohydrates, such as sugars, rice, and other baked goods. The Med-diet is not just good to eat, it is healthy!

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