Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Alzheimer

Mediterranean Diet Alzheimer

Mediterranean Diet, Alzheimer and Nutrition

The unending benefits of the Mediterranean dietAlzheimer’s disease can be vanquished. Nutrition and food education continue to produce overwhelming evidence that confirm the crucial role played by eating habits on overall health, including that of the brain.

The Mediterranean food and Alzheimer relationship is highlighted by analysis executed at Exeter University in Great Britain, published in the journal Epidemiology. Researchers found marked preventative characteristics protecting cognitive functions from the weakening that generally accompanies old age. For the first time, thanks to this study, another 12 were carried out on the same theme. What emerged is that the adoption of a Mediterranean lifestyle diet induces a slowing down of mental decline, reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer.

Nutrition Facts dedicates an interesting informational video on the perks of the Med-diet. The introduction says it all: “more than half of Alzheimers cases can be attributed to 7 factors”, among these diet is foremost.

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