Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet, Recipes for Living Better

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best examples of leading a healthy lifestyle, ensuring wellbeing and preventing chronic diseases. Nutrition experts indicate it an excellent dietary model, and hail its precepts through food education campaigns throughout the world.

Mediterranean diet recipes embody the eating habits of the peoples of the entire geographic area, often with Italy at its center. This incredible regime has been studied since the mid 20th century with the ‘Seven Countries Study’. Over six years research was carried out to discover the relationship between diet and deaths due to cardiovascular disease. The Mediterranean diet (a term coined by the American nutritionist Ancel Keys) demonstrated the lowest mortality, and the scientific community has published relentlessly, all proving wide benefits to health.

The “secret” is consuming fresh products, especially of vegetable origin, close to production areas, and in line with seasonality. It was included on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list in 2010 for its combination of quality food and positive impact on the body. If you haven’t discovered this path to health, there is no time like the present!

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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Saves Brain

The Mediterranean Diet saves Brain from Atrophy The Mediterranean diet protects the brain from degeneration, preserving the volume and the cortical thickness. It is revealed in a research study, published on Neurology, that has examined the evolution of the brain in 1000 Scottish elderly...

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