Italian Nutrition

Italian Nutrition

Italian Nutrition, Eating Guidelines

Italian nutrition is built on the importance of a food culture based on healthy eating guidelines that don’t give up on taste. Apart from tradition, the solid nutrition education of the population, in particular that of children, is the primary vehicle for increasing knowledge and awareness of the role of food in maintaining optimal health – one of the central themes of Expo 2015.

Correct Italian nutrition supplies energy and nutrients in line with the body’s precise requirements, providing an excellent framework for keeping physically fit and preventing non-transmissible diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, high blood pressure and cancer. In this direction, the international scientific community has unanimously spoken in favor of the Mediterranean diet, which is the traditional Italian dietary regime.

Italian food is naturally functional, bringing benefits and limiting the so-called “lifestyle pathologies” brought on by poor nutritional habits. The keystones of Italian nutrition are products such as extra virgin olive oil, protecting the heart and circulatory system, fresh fruit and vegetables, and oily fish, rich in Omega 3. The list of healthy, flavorful foods and their positive impact goes on!

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