Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating, Nutrition vs. Food

Everyone knows healthy eating is the basis for optimal health. Nutrition experts and campaigns aimed at healthy eating guidelines awareness stress this, indicating a few simple rules to respect at the table. On average, the daily energy needs of a healthy individual are about 2,000cal. Of this, it is suggested to consume 60g of protein (12% of total calories), 280g of carbohydrates (56%), a maximum of 20g of alcohol, equal to 200ml of wine (7%) and 55.5g (25%) of fat.

Portions of fat can be divided further among the kcal intake. 39g must be of vegetable origin (a perfect example is extra virgin olive oil), 15g of animal and 1g of fish (rigorously oily as a good source of Omega 3).

Keeping an eye on food quantity and quality, following healthy habits in other words, and engaging in adequate physical exercise has proven to be an exceptional instrument in preventing non-transmissible diseases, like hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Eat up, Italian food is already a step in the right direction!

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