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Probiotics History, Over 100 Years in the Making

Probioticshistory begins with their first sales at the beginning of the 1900s, more or less as we know them today. Proof can be seen in a 1907 advertisement from the Paris-based company Le Ferment.

This poster, reproduced in part here, boasts the health properties of a Lactobacillus fermented milk, useful for the wellbeing of the digestive system, and produced according to the instructions of Elie Metchnikoff, the Nobel Prize for Medicine winning Russian biologist. This pupil of Pasteur was also famous for his research on the relationship between Lactobacillus bulgaricus in yogurt and the longevity of the Bulgarian population.

Attention to people afflicted with lactose intolerance was also considered at the beginning of the last century. Next to the fermented milk, the small laboratory proposed the same probiotics in tablet form. All according to the most rigorous hygienic standards.