Fish fat anti-heart attack

Fish fat anti-heart attack

More fish in your diet against heart attacks

Regularly eating fish prevents cardio-vascular disease, while eliminating it from your diet raises the risks. A new study by researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark confirms the beneficial function of regulary consuming fish fat with marine origin, rich in Omega-3 fats.

The Danish study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, evaluated the effects of introducing vegetables and potatoes into a diet to substitute red meat, poultry and fish, monitoring the impact on cardio-vascular disease, which give the EU a health cost of almost 13 billion Euro. Observing over 55,000 men and women in good health, aged from 50 to 64, demonstrated that eliminating fish completely brings about an increase of the myocardial heart attack.

Substituting vegetables and potatoes for red meat highlighted reduced risk of cardio-vascular diseases, while no variation was associated to poultry. Involving slight fish, with barely any acid Omega-3 fat content, was also statistically irrelevant.

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