Do Your Body Good

Milk is an ideal food, even for adults. This was stressed by the Council for Research and Experimentation in the Agricultural Sector (CRA-NUT) at the convention ‘Milk Today: From Research to Consumers’, held in Rome on December 4, 2013.

The benefits of consuming an adequate quantity of milk on a daily basis, as part of a balanced regime, are numerous. According to scientific literature, it protects against osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Over time, moreover, it facilitates maintaining body mass. Those who regularly eat dairy add weight half as fast as people who avoid them.

MONICA, a recent study carried out in France over 14 years revealed that a diet based on fruit, vegetables, milk and dairy products significantly reduces premature mortality.

As a proven source of calcium, milk also offers muscle support for athletes and the elderly alike. “Milk, in addition to rehydrating the body, continues by helping to recover energy reserves, as well as restore protein to damaged muscles,” explained Andrea Ghiselli, researcher at CRA and a promoter of the event.

Italian guidelines for healthy eating habits advise 3 servings per day of milk, or yogurt equal to 250-275 grams total.