Diabetes global emergency

Diabetes global emergency

Diabetes global emergency, due to an unbalanced diet

Diabetes is a global emergency, and grows at a pace of 21,000 new cases a day. The pathology (in ‘type 2’), triggered by unbalanced diets and sedentary lifestyles, now hits 10% of Americans, and continues to grow fast in countries whose economic development is accompanied by consumption of poorly conceived industrial food, with too much saturated fat, sugar and sodium.

In Asia food diabetes, rare till 2000, was 6 years ago diagnosed at 7.6% of the population and will reach 9.1% in 2030, according to International Diabetes Federation.

In Italy 3 million people (4.9% of the total) claiming type 2 diabetes are added to another million individuals considered diabetic but not yet diagnosed. Without significant changes, the sick will rise to 5 million in 2030 in Italy alone.

With 285 million (in 2010) sick, type 2 diabetes is already a global emergency. Without new prevention policies, the events will reach  438 million in 15 years.

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