Celiac Disease Causes

Celiac Disease Causes

Celiac disease, Causes in new research

Celiac disease is increasing worldwide. Trigger causes have been investigated by research published in BMC Pediatrics, which surveyed the appearance of child celiac disease based on maternity proceeding, particularly in perinatal phases, meaning the period before and after birth, including from the 29th gestation week and the first 28 days after birth. The mother’s diet appears to play a part.

The researchers used data relating to over 1.9 million Swedish children born between 1991 and 2009, 6,596 of whom – mainly female – developed celiac disease before the age of 15. Researching the causes reveals risk increase in children in the presence of a Casearan and repeated infections in the mother’s urine tracts, attributing a probable role to alteration in the child’s bacterial flora (disbiosi).

Other parameters concern the mother’s conditions. Her being overweight and premature membrane breaking play no part, unlike her income and age, as being over 35 and well-off seem to reduce celiac causes, according to the report. Effects of good diet and decent lifestyle, more common in populations with favourable socio-economic status.

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