Athlete Nutrition

Athlete Nutrition

Athlete Nutrition, Healthy Foods and Supplements

Athlete nutrition varies in function with the type of sports practiced and the sports nutrition needs of each individual athlete. Nutrition supplements are also key in achieving this balance. One rule is certain though – meals before competing, athlete’s must supply themselves with the necessary energy in food that is easy to digest, as well as be eaten 3-4 hours beforehand to avoid reduction of blood flow to muscle tissue.

For perfect athlete nutrition, supplements are a good place to start to reach peak performance – a plate of pasta, rice or boiled potatoes, a serving of meat, grilled if possible and low in fat, and a salad with extra virgin olive oil and lemon. For dessert, nothing more than a couple of slices of toasted bread with jam or honey, and a solid portion of ripe fruit.

In anticipation of physical exertion, it is extremely important to be sufficiently hydrated and have plenty of simple sugars available for immediate bursts of strength and stamina. Balanced supplements that meet athlete nutrition requirements are an ideal means to this end, but sugar water or juices with fructose work, too. An athlete should drink a glass at hourly intervals until 30-40 minutes prior to commencement is the standard.

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