Aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods. Better sex follows a Mediterranean diet

Aphrodisiac foods for a fulfilling sex life? Following a Mediterranean diet is often all it takes to prevent the most common sexual dysfunctions. This is the advice given by Giorgio Franco, president of the Italian Society of Andrologists, at the 21st Convention of Andrology.

Pasta, pizza, oily fish, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil. These “textbook” aphrodisiac foods are what Italians put on their tables every single day. A cornucopia of genuine, fresh products, low in saturated fats and rich in omega 3: invaluable for good health and ever present in Mediterranean eating habits.

The healthy and delicious food of Italy provides a great deal of aphrodisiac foods. And it shows in the performance of the men of this country: a recent study claims that they are the best lovers in Europe. At least, according to the statistics compiled by national healthcare authorities, there are only three million cases of erectile dysfunction nationally, one of the lowest percentages on the Continent, whereas in Britain, the European capital of fast-food and excess salt, this problem affects up to half the male population between the ages of 40 and 70.

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