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Alce Nero launches a Caldo Vegetal en Cubo at the market. The new product does not contain aceite de palm, as the rest of the line propuesta by the brand renombrada de Bolonia specializes in ecological products. The brand represents the fruit of the trabajo de más de mil agricultores y apicultores. Empresas comprometidas desde los años 70's en la producción de alimentos with valor añadido. The decision to produce food from organic agriculture is enriquece with a selection of ingredients. The elimination of the tropical gras in the heat is the culmination of a process started by Alce Nero in 2004, with the primer galleta de pastaflora using aceite de olive virgen extra y sin aceite de palma. The determination of eliminating this economic ingredient, however, is the health of the environment if it is applied to the cubit of heat. El último éxito que permite to Alce Nero caracterizarse as “palm oil free”.

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