No Less Traditional

Italian frozen foods are ideal for export. Not only are consumption levels constantly increasing in Italy, but ever more attention is being paid to selecting the best raw ingredients and the most effective production techniques, all of which combine with the traditional passion for which Italian cuisine stands out. This has not been ignored on the international export market, where Italian frozen food products are getting noticed as true and readily accessible representations of the top quality products known at home.

Specialties for export include pizza, lasagne, cannelloni, as well as the other traditional pasta dishes that are gaining fame in the world. The products are more often considered the "ambassadors" of all the flavour and aroma that remains both clearly defined and unaltered, wherever their final destination may be, and for the entire length of their journey. This phenomenon extends well beyond Europe with the numbers to prove that the most significant export volumes are being seen in overseas markets.

There is still an enormous development potential in this growing segment that is sure to see huge success in the very near future.