Move to Enter New Market

The Trentino-based wine cooperative Cavit has acquired the controlling share in historic sparkling wine producer Kessler, which was started in Germany in 1826. The logic behind the operation, according to the general director of Cavit, Enrico Zanoni, was aimed at both sectorial and market-driven targets. On one hand, Cavit is looking to further strengthen itself in the sparkling wine segment due to the constant growth in consumption levels across the globe. On the other, acquiring Kessler (1mln units with 5mln in turnover) is a bridge into the German market, which pops open an incredible 450 million bottles of these products annually.
Cavit is made up of 4,500 grape growers associated to 11 wine producers, equal to 60% of the Trentino region’s wine production, and profits of 153 million euros for the last financial year. Founded in 1950, it is one of the maximum expressions of the area’s agricultural coops, a larger organization comprised of many smaller artisans.