mortadella of bologna PGI

mortadella of bologna PGI

Mortadella of Bologna PGI, a quality success story

Mortadella of Bologna PGI has been a must for generations of Italian children and it continues to seduce Italians (and not only). PGI mortadella, known for its sweet, delicately spiced taste and bright pink color is celebrated throughout the world. In 2014, 37 million kg were produced, an increase of 6.9% over the previous year. Sales have also increased, with a + 4.3%.

It is a favourite as part of an aperitif, a snack or for a quick bite to eat during a hectic schedule: it is a welcome and pleasant break at any time of the day.

The data released by the Consorzio Mortadella Bologna, according to which the best results are concentrated in traditional stores, dealing with 30% of volumes. It is near the shops and delicatessens, in fact, that the it is presented to the public in all its complexity. In addition to the unique flavor, true PGI mortadella is characterized by some very interesting nutritional qualities.

In 100 grams of PGI Mortadella (317 caloties)  there are 14.7 g of proteins, vitamins B1, B2 and Niacin, and mineral salts, such as iron and zinc, precious for those who perform physical activity. Cholesterol is equivalent to 60-70 mg, like the lightest white meat, and the lipid content is 28.1%, lower than one might think.

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