Mortadella Bologna PGI consumption

Mortadella Bologna PGI consumption

Mortadella of Bologna PGI consumption and sale on the rise

Mortadella of Bologna PGI consumption and production is growing. According to the Consortium that safeguards this traditional cured meat, one of the best loved by Italians, 38,200 tonnes were produced in 2015, 3.6% more than the previous year. These figures confirm the positive trend for the excellent Mortadella of Bologna PGI, the most marked of its entire sector.

Consumption has greatly increased for the sliced product, due to its combination of high quality with ease of storage and use in the home. The demand for pre-sliced Mortadella shows a distinct preference for the PGI version over that without the European designation, with consumption 33% higher, jumping to 6800t, 80% of which is served at the deli counter, where its delicious smell makes it irresistible.

Lastly, exports of about 15% of total sales volume are confirmed, mostly bound for Germany, France and Spain. This tendency is sure to expand beyond Europe thanks to the 100,000 dishes of Mortadella sold at the Milan Expo, when visitors from all around the world had the opportunity to taste one of the finest specialities made in Italy.

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