Mineral water

Types of Mineral Water

Types of Mineral Water

Types of Mineral Water, Benefits of Italian

Various types of mineral water are classified based on the quantity of the mineral salts that predominate their chemical structure. There are officially 10 types defined in Italian water, each with precise mineral functions that are beneficial to our body’s wellbeing:

– Bicarbonate, with levels superior to 600mg/l, have an anti-inflammatory function, are antispasmodic, and aid in digesting.

– Sulfate, with over 200mg/l, are slightly laxative and fight inflammation, and help with digestive and stomach disorders.

– Chloride, above 201mg/l, increases peristalsis and intestinal secretions.

– Calcium, with more than 150mg/l, is advantageous during pregnancy and for growth, also helping to stave off osteoporosis and hypertension.

– Magnesium, exceeding 50mg/l, is excellent against stress and constipation.

– Fluoride, +1mg/l, is useful in preventing cavities in teeth and decalcification in bones.

The list of types of mineral water is completed by ferruginous (with dual-purpose iron), and acidic (with free carbon dioxide at 250mg/l), both perfectly suited for anemia and gastropathy. Whichever you choose, know that beyond optimal quality and great taste lie factors that benefit health. These types are for living well!

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