Mineral water

Still Mineral Water

Still Mineral Water

Still Mineral Water, An Italian Elixir

Still mineral water, known commonly as acqua minerale naturale or liscio,”still” in Italian, is water without bubbles. In realty the definition in Italy could include all mineral types, like slightly fizzy and sparkling, that make up the country’s natural patrimony, but for the sake of understanding, let’s stick to the still kind.

No matter your personal preference, Italian and EU regulations define mineral water as a protected product with underground origins. It must offer stable composition and characteristics, with possible health benefits, and be bottled at the source in safe and controlled containers (glass or PET). Moreover, it is prohibited to subject mineral waters to treatments such as purification or filtering. In other words, it is already perfect and has to stay that way.

The types are unique and inimitable. Each with its own hydrogeological history, taste and properties that result from mineral levels – the same as those present at the spring. To distinguish them, they are divided into low and medium mineralized. Better still!

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