Mineral water

Sodium in Mineral Water

Sodium in Mineral Water

Sodium in Mineral Water, The Real Story

Knowing how much sodium in mineral water there is makes utilizing its health benefits all the easier. Recording sodium intake is fundamental for those suffering hypertension, but for the general population it is also important to know if Italian mineral water is helping or hurting them.

Choosing less sodium in the mineral water of choice is certainly a sign of careful attention, but it is not an major source of this mineral. The greatest portion of sodium is in packaged or processed foods, and eating it in excess with daily meals. Changing the water you drink is not going to impact on your health if a lot of salt is added to food.

According to the classification based on the prevalent concentrations of one of the salts present, waters are considered salty only if they contain above 200mg/l. This level is rarely seen in bottled products. A little more salt can be good for athletes to replace that which is lost during perspiration. For high blood pressure, on the other hand, low-mineralized, diuretic items are recommended to eliminate sodium.

Everyone, in line with prevention, should abstain from a diet with exuberance in salt. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not surpassing 5 grams per day.

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