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Premium Mineral Water

Premium Mineral Water Means Italian

Premium mineral water satisfies the tastes and necessities of the individual in every way. For those who practice sports, for example, Italian water is rich in precious mineral salts to reintegrate electrolytes lost during perspiration. Magnesium favors psychophysical regeneration, while bicarbonates facilitate the eradication of lactic acid.

Someone suffering from hypertension has very different needs, preferring a premium diuretic, low-mineralized product that aids in the elimination of excess sodium, and contributes to regulating blood pressure.

The best indication for premium mineral waters for the various growth phases of a normal person has a medium mineral content. More calcium for babies, and bicarbonate for adolescents. The former is also advisable for pregnant and nursing women, in addition to the “over 50” category to prevent osteoporosis.

Beyond producing a premium composition to satisfy requirements, dissolved substances determine the liquid’s pH level. If the value is 7, it is neutral. Above this, it is considered alkaline (good for neutralizing stomach acidity), if lower it is acidic (ideal for digestion).

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