Mineral water

Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water, Pure and Italian

The wonder of natural mineral water is summed up in its unique taste, which comes still or with a hint of bubbles directly from nature. Italian mineral water is that simple, delicious at the source, where it is bottled and can be taken anywhere. Natural water called effervescentenaturale has the right amount for those who consider sparkling too invasive, but others boring, and is perfect company for savory dishes, or just to keep yourself hydrated.

This type of natural mineral water contains 1,000-1,300 mg/l of carbon dioxide naturally at the spring. There are all natural varieties in line with different total dissolved solid mineral content – low, medium and high mineralized – for every fancy and purpose. These waters are loaded with health benefits and 100% natural.

Even if fizzy is often considered the most adapted to aid in digestion, bicarbonate natural water is the best. Knowing the natural mineral composition is an optimal strategy to distinguish the various kinds, each with a specific effect on the body. Then you can choose the ideal one for your needs, and get more out of the mineral aspect of this essential liquid.

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