Italian Mineral Water

Italian Mineral Water, The Best Brands

Italian mineral water is a national patrimony without equal. For the entire length of the peninsula, Italian mineral water brands count some 700 natural sources, 350 linked to bottling facilities. With 12 billion liters per year, 10% of which is exported throughout the globe, Italy is a leader that knows no peers in the production of different types of mineral water.

Drinking it is an Italian pastime, and Italians are the number one consumers in Europe. It is therefore clear why Italian water is so sought after abroad. Sales began in 1890, marked by local availability until the 1960s, based on the consecrated institution of medical therapeutic use that reaches back to the ancient Roman tradition of aqueducts and baths. The 1970s brought with them the first explosion of discovery for Italian society and the world.

The purity of the liquid and mineral content as it rises from the source is the same found in each bottle. Regulations prohibit further purification, disinfection or filtering procedures. It is down to the careful attention paid by brands to ensure the highest quality and conformity with rigid standards to keep the product pure and nothing less than exemplary.

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Italian Mineral Water

Italian Mineral Water Brands

Italian Mineral Water Brands, Only Perfection Please Italian mineral water brands have a relatively easy game to play representing the excellence of Italian water. Italy is literally chock full of natural mineral sources and wells that offer first class waters. Italian water is for...

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