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Mineral water, detector fixed residue

Speaking of mineral water, the level of fixed residue is the first aspect usually examined. This parameter indicates the substances that remain after an induced evaporation at 180 degrees. It is always indicated on the label and is considered an essential element to choose the product, but sometimes it is unfairly demonized, as he explains. a decalogue published by Iran, the Italian national research institute on food and nutrition.

The widespread belief is that drinking only natural low-mineral water is necessary to maintain the figure and treat 'cellulite', as well as mandatory for children. A thesis not shared by Italian researchers, who instead suggest alternating them with other types, because excessive diuresis can even reduce the amount of salts useful for the growing organism.

There are 3 types of natural mineral water, distinct from increasing fixed residue. A value up to 50 mg / l for the minimally mineralized, less than 500 for the trace minerals, up to triple for the medium minerals and over for the rich in minerals, belonging to the restricted range of medicinal minerals.

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