Mineral water

Bottled Mineral Water

Bottled Mineral Water

Bottled Mineral Water, Authentic Italian Style

Drinking bottled mineral water ensures that its natural characteristics remain intact. The microbiological and mineral purity of Italian mineral water could not possibly find a better container, especially because bottles have been studied specifically to safeguard quality during storage.

Glass is by far the best material to achieve this, but due to its fragility and weight, it is not very common on store shelves. This is mainly due to difficulty in carrying and transporting. Save some sold in cardboard packaging, the most widespread is the polyethylene terephthalate bottle – adept thanks to the safety, resistance, versatility and transparency it offers.

In terms of sustainability, PET is completely recyclable, and sometimes used to produce the new containers themselves, guaranteeing the same ideal conditions to preserve bottled mineral waters, allowing for using fewer resources, and creating less garbage.

These are just a few of the things you can think about next time you enjoy a refreshing bottled Italian water. High standards, great taste, and good for you and the environment!

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