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Best Mineral Water

Best Mineral Water, It Has to Be Italian

So what is the best mineral water? With such a vast array of Italian mineral water to choose among, picking the best water requires a short “walk-through” on their defining characteristics. The most common approach is dividing them into three major categories: “still” (naturale), lightly fizzy (leggermente frizzante) or sparkling (gassata), but there are a number of other traits and gradations – as many as there are sources!

Regulations require a division based on the parameter defined as “total dissolved solids”, corresponding to the substances that remain after evaporation at 180°C. Another criteria is available taking into account the prevalence of ions belonging to the mineral compounds that naturally occur in the best mineral water at the time it comes out of the ground. The list is literally limitless: bicarbonate, sulfate, chalybeate, or with magnesium for example, individually indicated for specific dietary needs.

The description of the best in this section aims at describing how the products differ. In general terms, it is advisable to pick lighter, low mineral waters with slightly acidic pH balances in winter, as they help metabolism work best with richer, heavier food. Enjoy this national treasure!

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