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Mineral Water Benefits, Choose Italian

Addressing mineral water benefits, one of the first aspects to be examined are levels of dissolved solids. This parameter for Italian mineral bottled water indicates substances that remain after induced evaporation at 180°C. It is always printed on labels, and is considered an essential characteristic when choosing a product, though sometimes it has been unjustly demonized.

The widespread conviction is to only drink low-mineralized for benefits like helping to maintain a slim figure and reducing cellulite, or for baby and children’s health, due to its low mineral content. It is a thesis that is not shared by Italian researchers, who say types should be alternated to maximize benefits, because excessive diuresis can reduce the quantity of salts useful to a healthy growing body.

There are three varieties with increasing values of residue. A value of up to 50mg/l for minimally mineralized, lower than 500 for oligominerale, rising to 3 times the amount for medium-mineralized, and beyond for those rich in these elements, belonging to a small group of medicinal waters.

In general, a lighter Italian mineral variety is recommended for winter to help eliminate toxins from richer food.

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