Whole milk

Whole milk for children

Whole milk for children

Whole milk for children, grow with cow milk

Whole milk and children, a match consolidated over time, given that man has for 7000 years followed mother’s with cow milk, due to its specific nutritional properties. It is indeed very rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and protein: this food is truly well structured, able to supply children of all ages with excellent nutrition.

Pediatricians debate which is the right time to introduce whole milk to children, given its complexity, and while some say they support growth milk,  the Italian school of thought, in line with international views, suggests contemporary introduction to the weaning principle, together with other foods, i.e. 6 months of age, without replacing fundamental breast feeding regularity.

The benefits which cow milk (especially if consumed whole) can give a child and even adult, due to its special properties, can in no way be reduced to just the skeleton. CRA NUT (Food and NUTrition Research Centre) maintains its regular consumption helps prevent osteoporosis, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancer.

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