Whole milk

Whole milk, cow milk wins first prize

Whole or partially skimmed milk? Many choose cow in case of deciding between different milk types offered in large scale distribution, but the dilemma becomes more arduous and often does not consider the properties of each single product, just awarding taste.

Taste is the first aspect to consider on purchase, but it is always necessary to also know the characteristic properties of milk, like any element put in the trolley. Whole milk is outstanding among (fully or partly) skimmed milk types as it maintains all its original nutritional factors. It is subject to no process to skim or separate the fatter part, preserving an average lipid value around 3.5%, leaving the goodness of its essential acid fats unchanged too.

For the palate, it looks rounder and tastier, with an unbeatable ability to develop vitamin and mineral salt absorption due to high presence of phosphorus, proteins and provitamins A, B1 and B12. Overall, whole milk is the right food for children, pregnant women and sportspeople.

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Whole milk

Whole milk for children

Whole milk for children, grow with cow milk Whole milk and children, a match consolidated over time, given that man has for 7000 years followed mother’s with cow milk, due to its specific nutritional properties. It is indeed very rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and protein:...

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