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UHT milk. Sterilized Means Longer Conservation

The unique characteristics of UHT milk are explained in the acronym itself, which stands for ultra-high temperature. It is a sterilization treatment consisting of heating milk to a temperature of between 135 ° and 150 ° Celsius for a period of one to five seconds using a jet of steam. In line with the specific techniques utilized, the vapor may or may not come into contact with the milk directly.

The process doesn't end here. In order to ensure optimal quality, as well as the possibility of storing the product for longer periods, the packaging phase is key, and must be carried out in entirely sterile conditions, with aseptic containers that are hermetically sealed immediately after they are filled.

All of this taken together allows UHT milk to keep at room temperature for as long as 3-6 months. From a nutritional standpoint, UHT milk contains only a marginally inferior percentage of thermolabile vitamins when compared to fresh milk.


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