cow milk

Cow milk for children

Cow milk for children

Cow milk for children, fundamental element

Cow milk and children, an age-old tale. In fact, thanks to whole milk’s famed qualities, one could almost say humanity grew with it, flanked by other milk types (ass, goat or nowadays vegetable). Current principles of food education put it at the centre of correct growth. Different milk types have accompanied man for 6000 years, but only in the second half of the 1900s was this milk called childhood nutrition key.

Alongside objective indications by CRA (Research and Agriculture Council), current Italian pediatrics maintain giving babies cow milk quite good for development, but indicate start of weaning (i.e. from 4/6 months of age), even accompanied by other food, including solids. Whole milk is very rich in vitamin D, easy to absorb calcium and iron (boasting many other properties too), one of the best natural elements, with a relatively low calorie content (from 36 to 64 kcal per 100 g).

It cannot replace breast feeding, but remains excellent food, able to give our organism protein, essential acid fats, phosphorus and mineral salts.

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