cow milk

Italian cow milk, unique properties

Cow milk is a star in Italian culture, consumed in greater quantities than other milk types due to its famed nutritional properties, fundamental in development for children and adolescents, but also in many adults’ daily life.

Cow milk and children are often connected as the milk is not only rich in calcium, but contains phosphorous, vitamins and all aminoacids needed for our organism’s wellbeing. The recommended type is biological as it guarantees better animal life quality and its healthy feeding.

Its greatest Italian production bay can be traced to the Po Valley, where there are various rearing types, but also Tuscany, Lazio and Marche have excellent products. It was the ancient Romans who spread cattle rearing here and across the border of the peninsular, perfecting dairy techniques.

Cow milk is a prime actor in Italy’s recent history, from contemporary breeder strikes to the films that celebrated them, like “Boccaccio ’70”, film with an episode directed by Federico Fellini (1920 – 1993), accompanied by the motif celebrating its properties: “(…)milk does you good, milk suits all ages”.

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cow milk

Cow milk for children

Cow milk for children, fundamental element Cow milk and children, an age-old tale. In fact, thanks to whole milk’s famed qualities, one could almost say humanity grew with it, flanked by other milk types (ass, goat or nowadays vegetable). Current principles of food education put it...

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