orange marmalade

orange marmalade

Orange marmalade, favourite among all types

Orange marmalade, a unique product, not just for its vitamins and minerals, but also for the natural colouring that sets it apart from other types of marmalade. An intense orange hue, that no jam can claim, excellent in the winter, and a cheerful shade according to colour therapy experts.

What’s more, having a rather long and elaborate recipe (should you decide to try your hand at making it yourself), the company of others during the lengthy cooking process will be a real tonic. It is recommended for breakfast by dieticians, by virtue of its flavour and nutritional qualities, even considering a relatively large calorie count (246 Kcal per 100g). In fact, orange marmalade contains significant levels of vitamin A, folic acid, beta-carotene and lutein. Its distinctive appearance is down to the presence of the orange peel, deprived of its bitter taste by a phase of soaking.

Partly thanks to the writing of the renowned writer and gastronomer Pellegrino Artusi (1820 – 1911), Ribera orange marmalade is justly famous, made with DOP certificated citrus fruit noted for its tasty light-coloured seedless pulp. This orange is commonly used, combined with cinnamon, in striking variations of jam.

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