Lemon marmalade

Lemon marmalade

Lemon marmalade, a genuine treasure

Lemon marmalade, ideal source of vitamin C, perhaps a little sharper than many types of marmalade, awakens the senses even in winter with its tangy taste, quite unlike any other jam. Frequently used as a tart filling and to decorate cakes and biscuits, its flavour is also exquisite paired with ricotta, burrata, robiola and mascarpone cheeses. The version made with rosemary makes an excellent partner for mature cheese such as pecorino.

Its subtle colour beautifully reflects the fruit, its perfume is intense, and it is a very spreadable jam. Zesty lemon marmalade is an authentic traditional speciality of Sicily and Campania, especially on the Sorrento peninsular and the island of Capri; perfect places for growing the juicy IGP-certified lemon, rich in vitamins and essential oils. The cultivation of this kind of lemon is carefully regulated by strict laws concerning the use of pesticides.

As the lemon blooms four times a year it is always the right time to pick the best fruits, specially selected and picked by hand. Just like most citrus preserves, it contains the peel and zest, vital for a delicious lemon marmalade.

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